Monday, May 26, 2008


Since getting ready for SeaSocks 08, I've been on a finishing jag. I dusted off and finished my Philosopher's Wool sweater,the Jester Jacket. (in hibernation for 2 years) I believe it was the thought of being someplace cold enough to wear it that was a strong motivation there! I did wear it to! and was glad to have it.

I also dusted off and completed my Waves and Flowers top that had been languishing for about a year. (I can no longer find the link to that pattern) I started it for my daughters wedding, and then in the end, the formal wedding never happened, and they had a small ceremony at home.

It felt so good to be finishing stuff, I'm well on my way to finishing my
Jeanie Here in lies my problem.

Note the small amount of yarn left. It may or may not make it. If not, it will only be by a few inches. Hold your breath folks! Here goes nothin! Wish me luck!

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