Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Hat Recipiant

I added an airplane button last minute.
My Grandson, likes the hat!

That makes a Happy Grandma too!
You know, once in a while there is a project that tickles me more than I would expect. This is one of those.  It was fast and easy, not a heavy duty lace or cable or weird construction, and yet it tickles me more than some of those large complicated projects I've done.  Go figure. I've written up the pattern here,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Julie's Highway Hat

I heard this hat described on a Savvy Girls podcast(episode 59).  I thought it sounded both very cute and easy to do.  After searching Ravelry, and a little experimenting, I have come up with my interpretation of the "Highway Hat".    

Materials needed:

Cascade 220 superwash, or other light worsted weight, in small amounts of green, black yellow and sky blue.
One skein of each will make two or three hats, possibly more, I haven't tried to measure that closely.

US size 7 dpns or circulars, according to your preference (dpns, two circ's or magic loop)

a couple of race car buttons.  (I found mine on clearance at my local,  Jo-Ann  fabric and craft store.) or other car or truck buttons or pins, according to your preference.

Size: child, I made it for my grandson,  finished measurements were about 18 inches around and 8 inches tall.

Gauge: 5 stitches and 6 rows to the inch, measured over St St.

Using green, loosely Cast-on 92 stitches, join into a circle, being careful not to twist, and work in k2, p2, for 10 rounds.

Change to St St, increasing 3 sts evenly spaced around (95 sts)
Work 4 more rounds St St, and break green yarn

Change to yellow and knit 1 round, break yarn

Change to black and knit 5 rounds, do not break yarn

Add yellow, and work round as follows: (k2 black, k3 yellow) around, break yellow yarn

Knit 5 more rounds in black, break yarn

Change to yellow and knit 1 round, break yarn

Change to light blue, and knit 11 roounds, do not break yarn

Add yellow, and knit 2 rounds as follows: k3 blue (k1 yellow, k4 blue) around to last 4 stitches, end with k1 yellow, k1 blue. Be sure to carry unused yarn LOOSELY on the wrong side

Next 2 rounds: k2 blue, (k3 yellow, k2 blue) around to last 3 st, end with k3 yellow. break blue yarn

1st dec round: using yellow, (ssk, k3) around (76 sts)
 Work 2 rounds even

2nd dec round: ssk, k2 around (57 sts)
Work 1 round even

3rd dec round: ssk, k1 around (38 sts)
Work 1 round even

4th dec round: ssk around (19 sts)
5th dec round: ssk around, end round k1 (10 sts remain)

Break yarn, and draw  through remaining stitches to finish off.

Weave in remaining ends, and sew buttons onto roadway.