Friday, May 23, 2008


Yes, I am now entering the world of Blog land. My name is Julie, and I love to knit. I work as a nurse in a private home. I love my job, and my client, though here I will mostly talk about my life outside of nursing. Mostly knitting.

I love to knit! I've been knitting since my mother taught me when I was 12 years old. While my Grandmother also knit, it was her good friend Gladys Zimmerman (no relation) who taught my Mother to knit. She was woman of German decent, and thus my Mother learned to knit Continental style, while my Grandmother knits in the English style.

I was 15 when my mother died in 1974. So for many years I've added to the knitting knowledge base my mother shared with me, mostly through Reading and deciphering patterns. I am blessed that I had a good solid base to start.

As knitting has regained popularity over the last few years, it has been really wonderful to become part of an active knitting community. I just returned this week from the SeaSocks08 cruise. 20years ago I never would have imagined I could go to Alaska with such a group of wonderful knitters! I had a great time, and I'd love to do it again.

Please bear with me, as this blogging thing is new to me, and I still have much to learn of how it works.

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  1. hey you,
    welcome aboard to blogland!
    you're gonna have a swell time for sure.