Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank You Lucy!

As I've been working on getting a written pattern together for my favorite Pinwheel Baby Blanket, and one of the things I am struggling with is how to write instructions for my favorite version of the "provisional crochet cast on".

The original way I learned the crochet cast on, you chain the number of stitches you wish to cast on, and then pick up those stitches trough the back loops with your knitting needle.  It works, but there is always the chance I need to chain a few more at the end, because things tighten up as I pick up the stitches, and that I will split the yarn as I pick up my stitches.

In my favorite version of the crochet cast on, you make your loops around your knitting needle as you go, and when you are finished, you are ready to knit your first row. No extra counting, and no split yarn when you pick up the stitches.

So I did a search on YouTube, and I found that Lucy Neatby, (knitter and teacher extraordinaire) has already done a video for me!  So check it out.
Thank You Lucy!

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